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            Build Version 2.1.9 - Release Notes

            • Check Number Reset:
              • Check Number Reset allows the application to continue the sales, without resetting the check numbers even after Close Day is performed.
              • Reference Document: Linga Ticket Number Reset.

            • Waitlist:
              • Linga POS has added few enhancements to the Wait List for a better user experience.
              • Reference Document: Linga WaitList.

            • Reprint Old Date Receipt:
              • Linga POS has enhanced the application to provide the user with the settings to reprint the receipts of old dates.
              • Reference Document: Linga Reprint Old Date Receipt.

            • Sync with BackOffice in Login Screen:
              • Linga POS Application has added the ‘Sync with BackOffice’ button in the Login Screen.

            • Transfer, Merge and Split Access:
              • Linga POS Application provides the users to restrict the access to their employees from transferring the checks, merging the checks and split the checks.
              • Reference Document: Linga Transfer, Merge and Split Access.

            • Store Name in Report Print:
              • Linga Application has added the ‘Store name’ in the Sale Recap Report Print and Cashier Out Report Print.
              • Reference Document: Linga Store Name in Report Print.

            • Club Menu Items on Reprint:
              • Linga POS application provides the ability to club the same menu item while re-printing.

            • MPPG eDynamo:
              • MPPG  eDynamo swipe EMV chip card reader integrated.

            Back Office

            • Retail item - margin cost percentage
              • The user can set the margin percentage of the cost price. Based on the margin percentage defined for the item, item price gets updated automatically.
            • New fields - Subscription ID, Customer ID, Zoho Subscription Email ID and GDPR for the account were added in the Linga admin. The values for the fields - Subscription ID, Customer ID, Zoho Subscription Email ID will be populated from ZOHO.
            • Bulk price update - The price of multiple menu items can be modified in the ‘Bulk update’ screen.
            • Call Center license has been implemented in the back office.
            • Close till from back office.
            • ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transaction file can be exported and used for the transfer the amount Royalty fees payment.
            • Sales recap tax report with net sales
            • Dealer App - SMTP has been integrated. Now the emails will be send to the customers from their respective dealer's email address.
            • Linga Insights App has been integrated.
            • Enterprise reports  Givex sold details will be displayed
            • Linga admin --> Enable Upgrade & Upgrade account
            • Admin Role can see Royalty of other stores in back office
            • Back office - Customer email and mobile number get misplaced
            • Changing the Printer Name or IP should remove the printer from Attahced items
            • User management role disable BO login - Sign in issue for multiple roles

            • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation changes implemented in the ‘Sign up’ screen of account.
            • Call Center License integrated.

            • Check not found issue.
            • CDS disconnection issues.
            • App gets crashed on sale recap print.
            • If the item modifier had prefix and if there are three kitchen printers are assigned to a particular menu item. Now any one of the printer is assigned to that particular modifier, then the modifier is duplicated in print.  
            • Delivery check payment missing. 
            • Should not allow to recharge ‘Gift Card’ with Loyalty points.
            • Emirates Park: Close Date, Time and Employee in Reprint.

            Updated: 31 Jul 2018 06:30 AM
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