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            How to Add/Edit Inventory Items

            Inventory>Inventory Items

            o    Sign into the LingaPOS back office online at

            o    Click on the Inventory tab on the Navigation Panel. 

            o    Click on the Inventory Items tab.

            o    Click on Edit  to configure an existing Inventory Item or the +Inventory Item button to create a new one.

            o    Name – Enter the Name of the item.

            o    Category – Select a Category from the drop down or press  to add a new one.

            o    Primary Storage – Select a Primary Storage location from the drop down or press  to add a new one.

            o    Inventory Unit – Select the unit of measure from the dropdown that you use to inventory this item. 

            o    Par Level (Recommended) – Minimum quantity to have on hand before an order for more should be placed.

            o    Secondary Storage (Optional) – Select a Secondary Storage location from the dropdown or press  to add a new one.

            o    Vendor – Select a Vendor from the dropdown or press +Vendor to add a second vendor.

            o    Sku Barcode (Optional) – Enter the barcode if the item has one or you can enter another unique identifier.

            o    Brand Name (Optional) – Enter the brand name of the item.

            o    Purchase Unit – Enter the unit of measure that the item is purchased in (i.e. Pounds, Liters, Eaches).

            o    Receiving Quantity – Enter the quantity that you typically order/receive from the vendor at a time.

            o    Price – Enter the total cost of the Received Quantity (i.e. 10 pounds of cheese at $2.00 each would be $20.00 for the Price).

            o    Yield % - Actual percentage available for the recipe from the Received Quantity.

            o    Price Per Unit – This will be automatically calculated upon the previous fields.

            o    Recipe Units – Select the recipe unit from the dropdown.  This may be different than what the Inventory Unit is.  For instance you may keep your Inventory Unit in pounds, but your Recipe Units are ounces.

            o    Price Per Recipe Unit – This will be automatically calculated based upon factors such as the Price, Yield %, and Recipe Unit.

            o    Press   or  when finished. 


            Updated: 15 Aug 2018 03:29 AM
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