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            Label Printers Type and Label Configuration

            This is for the TM-L90 Model M313A

            The label printer type is found in the add a label printer function under printer configuration.  There are two types, address and menu.  These serve different purposes.

            If the label printer is used for delivery you would want to use "Address" as the type.
            This type will have the address of the customer on the label.

            If it is being used in store only you would select the "Menu" type.
            This type will not have the address on the label.

            Remember you can change the type when you add a label printer.  

            You will see up top that there are two label templates.  One for the kitchen and one for front of house and delivery.  The one that will have addresses on it will be called "Label template" up top.

            From here you can change the templates of the label.  You can choose between three of them.

            You can also choose to make only the address bold if you wish.

            As you can see you can even separate it off into sections.

            Updated: 09 Nov 2018 01:28 AM
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