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            Linga Intro to Inventory

            Linga Inventory


            -          Inventory Home- Shows a quick summary of:

            o   Total value of goods on hand

            o   COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)

            o   Low Stock Warnings

            o   Non Consume Orders (Items that have been made but inventory is showing as that item is out of stock.)

            -          Ingredient Categories- Like menu items this is how you classify your Inventory Items.

            -          Storage Locations- The location where the inventory item is stored.

            -          Venders- This is where you add your venders, you will use the information imputed here to create PO’s (Purchase Orders).

            -          In House Units- All of the possible weights your items could come in. This also includes weights such as Case or Keg.

            -          Inventory Items- These are the items themselves. Anything that is brought into the store is considered an inventory item.

            -          Sub Recipe- This is a large batch item. Includes: Salad Dressing or Pizza Sauce.

            -          Inventory Modifiers- Just like menu item modifiers they are attached to Inventory Items

            -          Inventory Menu Items- This is where you link your Inventory Items to the Items that you see on the FOH menu.

            -          Adjust Inventory Item- This is where you manually adjust items. Necessary for waste, theft, and food expiration. A reason is required to be entered for tracking purposes.

            -          Low Stocks- Shows you all of the items that you are running low on. From this screen you can generate POs.

            -          Purchases

            o   Purchase Template- Here you can set up a template order for common weekly or daily orders.

            o   Purchase Orders- This is where you see all the orders you have placed. It will show the status, the ability to print them out, and receive the order into stock.

            o   Receive Inventory Item- This is for receipt of single items to add to the stock.

            o   Prepare Sub Recipe- Once the kitchen makes a pizza sauce or dressing batch you would use this to adjust stock on all of the inventory items used in that recipe.

            o   Received Logs- This is a summary of all received orders.   


            Updated: 14 Aug 2018 05:43 AM
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