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            Knowledge Base Linga POS Adds On Zenpepper Trouble Shooting

            Zenpepper Admin Page

            -          To navigate to the admin page, you can access it by clicking on Web Order on your Linga Back Office -or- to access it directly.

            Main Settings Page

            Upload a Logo

            -          To upload a logo, you would click on the logo area and choose a file that is max 2MB and upload.


            -          Add your site Name

            -          Description, if you would like

            -          Phone Number

            -          Service Type, choose if you offer delivery, pickup, or both.

            -          Choose if you accept Online Payment or Cash only

            -          What type of Credit Cards do you accept

            -          Address

            o   Fill in your address completely and then select the green arrow to fill in your Latitude and Longitude. This step must be completed in that order.

            -          You have the option to place links to your social media

            o   Facebook

            o   Twitter

            o   GooglePlus

            o   Instagram

            Store Time

            -          Store Time

            o   Ensure your time zone is set to the same as it is in Linga store settings

            o   Fill in your store hours under this tab

            -          Delivery Time

            o   Fill these hours in with the times you will accept delivery orders

            -          Pick Up Time

            o   Fill these hours in with the times you will accept pick up orders

            Delivery Zone

            -          Here you will see the delivery zones that you have set up in Linga

            o   You have the option to make them active or inactive in this area

            o   To make edits to these zones, delivery charges, or delivery time you will need to go to Delivery Zones in your Linga Settings



            Launch Website

            -          To push changes to the website you would navigate to the Web URL Tab and click Launch

            -          This area will also display the current store’s URL



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